Heres list of masks to be applied overnight during cold; so whats new

Heres list of masks to be applied overnight during cold; so whats new

The cold season is finally here and so now it is common for us to go look for cold creams aiming to hydrate skin.

However, beauty experts are of the view that ascertaining the type of skin and then later applying suitable mask is a better strategy.

Overnight masks: These work while you sleep and give an extra boost of hydration to the skin. Such masks fight with the dry skin, which is mainly caused by wind and the cold weather.

Overnight masks do wonders if the same is applied along with the right steps. Use them after cleansing your face thoroughly and then apply a generous layer of the masque for 5-10 minutes.

In case of any excess tissue one must pat gently to allow the product to work overnight.

Masks with superfoods: Superfoods like cranberry, turmeric and avocados are great for nourishing the skin during winter months. These are rich in essential elements for the skin. Masks that contain superfoods are excellent to provide the skin the glow that lacks due to the dry winter weather.

Stock up on sheet masks: Sheet masks are a recent trend in the beauty industry and are increasingly gaining a lot of popularity. Sheet Masks are easy and quick moisturising elements. They are great for a quick glow, right before one has to step out for a night out in the cold winter weather.

Concentrate on texture: The skin is always exposed to the harmful elements all around and winter
leaves our face feeling raw and parched. This causes the skin to crackle and leads to breakouts. Opt for face masks that are rich and feel creamy on the skin, so the skin can retrieve as much essential oils from the product as possible.

Curate your own masks: The easiest solution is to step in the kitchen and experiment with fruits such as papaya, tomatoes, and bananas along with honey and gram flour to provide the skin with the right
balance of moisture.

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