Heres what BJP leader clarified on demography amid row over Citizenship Bill

Amid the row over the Citizenship Bill, the BJP leaders have clarified that no single state will be burdened due to the demographic problem.

The assurance came from none other than party’s General Secretary Ram Madhav.

He said that it is India’s duty to extend citizenship to the people who have been persecuted.

He reiterated that PM Narendra Modi government is committed to the welfare of all and that there is nothing to worry about the Citizenship Amendment Bill or 10 per cent quota for the poor among the general category.

Madhav further added that in the past decades India witnessed an influx of minorities from the neighbouring countries, especially from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh as they had nowhere else to go.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill will be applicable on people who entered the country between 1971 and 2015; he further stated that with the passage of this bill the minorities from Bangladesh will also have a right to claim Indian citizenship.

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