Heres what CPCB found out on water pollution in river Ganges

In a shocking revelation, it has emerged that one out of 39 locations through which the Ganga river flows had clean water in the post-monsoon period this year.

The revelation has been made citing Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has said in its latest study.

It was also reported that as many as 37 of the 41 locations through which the Ganga river flows reported moderate to severe water pollution in the pre-monsoon period this year.

The study is as per the ‘Biological Water Quality Assessment of the River Ganga (2017-18)’ report that was recently made public by the CPCB in compliance with a Supreme Court direction.

The water quality of the river was either clean or slightly polluted at only four out of 41 locations during the pre-monsoon period and at only one out of 39 locations post-monsoon, it said, adding that Haridwar is the only location where the river was ‘clean’ in the post-monsoon period.

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