Heres what happened as IAF’s Abhinandan locked on to F-16 Pakistani fighter plane

With questions taking front seat in so far as recent military duel between India and Pakistan, more facts are now coming out in open.

It is now clear that IAF pilot Abhinandan was the one who fire an R-73 Russian missile at the Pakistan F-16 before getting hit himself.

It is said that his last radio transmission of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman from his MiG-21 “Bison” fighter jet included ‘R-73 selected’.

He then let loose the Vympel R-73 air-to-air missile at the Pakistani F-16 fighter.

The high-altitude dogfight between supersonic Indian and Pakistani fighters took place after the latter breached Indian airspace west of Rajouri in Sunderbani area.

Varthaman was among the six MiG-21 pilots who scrambled from Srinagar, apart from Sukhoi-30MKIs, Mirage-2000s and MiG-29s being deployed from other airbases, to intercept the Pakistani fighters.

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