Heres why these husbands planned to burn ‘Surpnakha’ instead of Ravana

so called harassed husbands have gathered in Aurangabad.

While on Dussehra, the effigies of Ravana is burnt in most parts of India, it has emerged that people have been circumventing the tradition for their own issues.

It is in this context that a group of harassed husbands have got together to burn the effigy of Surpanakha, the mythical sister of King Ravana.

The so called harassed husbands have gathered in Aurangabad.

It is their way to protest the kind of treatment meted out to them by their wives.

These men- members of ‘Patni Pidit Purush Sanghatana’, an organisation of victims of harassment by wives- burnt the effigy on Thursday evening at Karoli village near Aurangabad in Maharashtra.

As per Hindu mythology, Surpanakha was the root cause of the battle between Ravana and Rama. To avenge her insult, Ravana disguised himself as a sage and kidnapped Sita, which ultimately led to the war.

Some members of the organisation also raised question marks over the ongoing #MeToo movement.

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