High Court appointed team visits jaundice affected areas in Raipur

With the high court having taken cognizance of the polluted drinking water in Raipur and Bilaspur, it had then created a three member committee to probe the scale the menace.

The court commissioner also visited the house of Prem Yadav in Raipur where in the wife is said to have told them that her husband’s death came about mere four days after the sample tested positive for the jaundice.

Court Commissioner also then visited the camps that were held in Mova area of Raipur where in they inquired about the findings so far.

They were told that out of 223 samples collected, 104 have tested positive for the jaundice.

The camp officials also said that sample of Prem Yadav had been given out in matter of 24 hours.

It is also said that the court commissioners then tried to contact the officials of the water supply department of the Raipur Municipal Corporation but the senior official was reported as out of town.

The team is also reported to have procured samples from Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar hospital.

The court commissioners are said to be of the opinion that patients with the preliminary symptoms of jaundice need to get themselves tested and get medical advice before it is too late.

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