High Court stays the road widening in Bhoramdeo wildlife sanctuary; axing of over 3K trees prevented for now

Chhattisgarh High Court has extended the stay on road widening work and consequent deforestation within the Bhoramdeo wildlife sanctuary hearing a petition on tiger conservation.

The petitioner Nitin Singhvi told Clipper28 on phone that around 3500 trees had to be axed for the road widening works and that has been prevented for now. Singhvi said that he had appealed against this road widening work citing the inconvenience to the tigers as well as wildlife there. He said that High Court had stayed the 14-kilometer long road work proposed through the Bhoramdeo wildlife sanctuary during the last hearing itself and it has yet again been extended. Elaborating on the issue, he said that there is no need for sacrificing thousands of trees for   improved road works from within the wildlife sanctuary as it would not only scare away wild animals but also may cause accidents thereby increasing human interference in the region.

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