Historic beginning: Air India to commence shorter flight route to Tel Aviv from Delhi

first such flight from New Delhi to Tel Aviv will begin from today

After weeks of suspense over whether Air India will start new route between Delhi and Tel Aviv and whether Saudis will allow it to pass over their airspace despite not recognizing Israel, it is now confirmed that the state run carrier will operate thrice a week flights between the two countries.

This is new in many ways as the flight time will reduced with the approval from Saudi airspace and would also boost trade and people-to-people ties between the two countries.

The first such flight from New Delhi to Tel Aviv will begin from today and it is said that 50 per cent seats in the inaugural flight already booked.

The flight schedule announced states that it will be operated every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

While the inaugural flight will leave at 6.10 PM today, the scheduled departure will be 4.50 PM from March 25 when the summer schedule comes into operation.

The Air India flight will fly over Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan to reach Israel.


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