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Home Ministry developing software to give a push to Hindi content

A software that will help in increasing web content in Hindi language as well as reducing manual task of translating government’s documents from English to Hindi.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) is preparing a memory-based software named Memory Adharith Anuvadh Software (MAAS) that will be programmed to translate the knowledge available on the online platform into Hindi.

The MHA officials told that a software is being developed by the ministry’s department of official language and is likely to be launched in August.

The software will be initially used to cut down the manual task of translating the central government’s files and data into Hindi language. However, it will be used in long-term as a translation tool to increase the presence of Hindi content on the Internet, said the officials.

Hindi language has one of the highest number of speakers across the globe, but when it comes to knowledge and literature available online, the content remained less than many foreign languages that had comparatively fewer speakers, the officials told the paper.

At first, MAAS will be used to translate the central government’s files and data, which is now being done manually. If it becomes a success, the next step would be to distribute it among all state and central government institutes having Hindi as an official language.

Internet has become an important source of gaining knowledge and there is lot of material available in English language, said the official adding that once the translation tool MAAS becoms popular, it will help in increasing Hindi content online.


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