Dysmenorrhoea is painful menstruation. If the pain during menses is severe or unbearable it is called dysmenorrhoea. Congestive dysmenorrhoea is due to pelvic diseases. Spasmodic dysmenorrhoea has no obvious organic causes.


Karaila (bitter gourd), take the juice of 1 oz. once a day for seven days


Make a decoction of somph, amala and jaggery. Dose:  ½ a cup twice a day for thirty days.


Arush: Boil two leaves of arusha (Adathoda vasica) in a glass of water and reduce it to half. From the first day of menses, drink it in the morning on an empty stomach for 5 days.


Babul tulsi: Boil a few leaves of in a glass of water and drink thrice a day.


Malkangani: Heat in mustard oil 5 tender leaves of kujur (Malkanguni) Take 1teaspoonful, twice a day for 21 days.


Kapas: Take the root-decoction of kapas (gossypium) 4oz thrice a day for seven days.


Take kujur (Malkagani) oil 3 drops in honey once a day for 21 days.


Cucumber: Take the juice of cucumber leaves: 2 ounces with curd and sugar in the morning on an empty stomach for 3 days.



Onion; Boil 60 g onion in 2 litres of water, add enough sugar candy to sweeten it and drink it warm, twice a day.


Tamarind leaves: Give the powder of the tender leaves of imli (tamarind), 1 teaspoonful with honey, twice a day, for 4 days.


Mix the juice of Neem leaves and ginger juice one tsp. each. Dose: 2 tsp. once a day for 3-5 days from the first day of menses.



Syrup: Make a syrup with the following ingredients: Drumstick bark juice 250g, ginger juice 250g, paste of costus root 250 g and garlic paste 100g, Jaggery 1 kg. Dose: 1 teaspoonful twice a day. (costus root can be obtained from the shop)

This remedy is said to give a permanent cure.

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