Home Remedies for CANCER (KARKATAKAM)

Cancer is the abnormal, inordinate and very fast growth of cells. It destroys the cells on which it lives and multiplies. Sometimes it forms a knot. Pathological test (Biopsy) may be required to diagnose the disease.


• Take two or three leaves of Aloe vera. Wash well and remove the thorn and cut them into small pieces. Add ½ kg of honey and four table spoonful (60ml) of whisky or   brandy (distilled mahwa liquor also is all right). Beat well, (if possible, in a mixy). Preserve in a refrigerator or in a cool place.

• Dose: One table spoonful three times a day on empty stomach, (i.e. at least half an hour before meals).Take the medicine for 10 days consecutively. Stop taking for days. Again continue for 10 days. Repeat    this cycle until you get total cure confirmed by medical examination. There may be initial aggravation. Vegetarian diet is  recommended.

• Nirbis (Ghet- kachu, Typhonium trilobatum). Cut the bulb into small pieces (of the size of arhar) and coat it with wheat flour. Dose: 1 pill twice a day.

• Perivinkle (Vinca rosea) grind the whole plant and make a paste. Dose: 1 tsp. once a day. Or prepare a decoction of the whole plant. Dose: ½ cup twice a day. Leaf paste is good for external application.

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