Home Remedies for PIMPLES

Pimples are tiny little lumps that form small white heads of pus. Sometimes, they can become sore and large.


Basauna: Apply the juice of Bhusaudi (Basauna; Ageratum conzioides)

Arjuna: Apply a paste of Arjuna bark(Terminalia arjuna)

Bhasan leaves: Grind and apply turmeric and bhasam leaves.

Saliva: Apply one’s own saliva.

Sandalwood: Make a paste of turmeric and red sandalwood. Apply before sleep. Wash off in the morning. Continue for 3-4 weeks.

Semel: Apply the paste of the thorns of Semel tree, overnight.

Guava and turmeric: Apply a paste of a few tender leaves of guava and turmeric overnight.

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