Hit summers by chilling out! just make yourself proud as well as happy at the same time...try it out!!

SUMMERS ARE OVER HEAD and everyone wants to be chilled inside out,so we are here with the solution! who dont likes icecream..yum!!
“Ice cream is happiness condensed.” – Jessi Lane Adams.
You are never too old for ice cream. And the cherry on the cake is that you can prepare it at home in less than 20 minutes.
Do give it a try!
We know that feeling!

1. When adding mix-ins like vanilla, almond, chocolate chips or any other make sure you do so only when the batter cools down and add them in the end just before churning.

2. Whisk after every two-three hours to remove the ice crystals till frozen.

3. Cover it with cling film to prevent the formation of ice crystals.

4. Use shallow, flat containers to freeze the ice cream which promotes consistency.

5. Make sure the ice cream batter is cold. Don’t be in a hurry to place it in the freezer. Chill it in the refrigerator for at least an hour before freezing it,for best results.

Recipe homemade ice cream with only 2 ingredients
Serves: 3

*400ml sweetened condensed milk (fat-free or regular) cold
*2 cups whipping cream, cold.

1 Place sweetened condensed milk in the fridge to keep cold.
Beat cold heavy cream on medium in a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment (or using a hand mixer) until stiff peaks form.

2 Turn down the speed a little and pour the condensed milk into the whipped cream. (Stir in vanilla extract now if desired).
3 Then, turn up the machine speed again and whip until your mixture is thick and to stiff peaks.

Now you have your ice cream base you can add in your desired flavors and fixing. GO NUTS! experiment and enjoy creating something that is all you.
Place in a large resealable container and freeze at least 6 hours or overnight before eating.
yeah! thats it you are done…your creamy icecream is ready.
note* portion of condensed milk vary accordingly(amount of sweetness you want)

Basic flavors that taste yum!
* Strawberry cheesecake Ice Cream: Mix 1 cup cheesecake into 2 cups ice-cream base and add strawberry puree
* Honeycomb Ice Cream: Mix ½ cup crushed Honeycomb into 2 cups ice-cream base .don’t add too much as it will make your ice-cream soft, but very yummy.
* Cookies and Cream Ice cream: Mix ⅔ cup crushed Oreo(OF YOUR CHOICE) Cookies into 2 cups ice-cream base
* Mango Ice cream: Swirl ¼ cup mango puree into 2 cups ice-cream base.
you can try any flavour of your choice.

you can even make double flavour icecream by pouring the half mixture(flavour already mixed)in the container and after 2-3 hrs mix the other flavour to the left over base and pour above the first flavour.
garnish it with your favourate nuts ,cookies ,fruits ,chocolates ,candies ,jams ,toppings etc
do try and let us know if you want such more recipies.

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