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Police arrest 4 youths J&K who had recently joined militant ranks

Hopes to win them over from the wrong insinuations of militant outfits


The security forces on Sunday said they have arrested four youths who had joined militant ranks recently, from Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara district.

A day after pictures showing the youth holding AK Rifles went viral on social media, the security forces including personnel from 41 Rashtriya Rifles and the Special Operations Group of the state police launched a search operation in Kalaroos forests on Saturday.

"During the search operation, all the four were arrested. The operation is still going on," security sources said.

However, police declined to reveal the identities of the arrested people. It was claimed that the arrested youths would be first motivated o mend their way and fall back again with the social mainstream. Police hopes its programmes to inspire youths to do something meaningful and understand that the militants are fighting an already lost fight against the government of India might bring them to the fold of the ssocial fabric again.

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