Horoscope of 14th February 2018

Horoscope of 14th February 2018

Aries Today you get the opportunity to display your humanitarian streak. You might want to lend a hand to a friend or associate who needs your support, or you would prefer to get involved with a charity.


Taurus After a busy day of shopping, working or running practical errands, you’ll be ready to be a homebody.


Gemini It seems you must go here, there, and everywhere to get things done – try to let your fingers do the walking wherever possible.


Cancer You may reach a stalemate concerning your personal affairs right now: try not to let the frustration get you down. Today is all about compromise; how well you compromise today will set the stage for the activity two weeks from now.


Leo, You’ll feel strongly about your likes and dislikes and won’t be inclined to listen to the opinions of others.


Virgo Today you need to express your feelings. It’s a great day for creative self- expression and now is the time to put your thoughts into action. If nervous tension has been building, work off steam.


Libra Enjoy a day of peace and harmony.You’ll find service to others especially rewarding today, so don’t hesitate to give someone a helping hand. An afternoon with friends should be fun, so plan for an impromptu get together. You’ll have the less emotional energy this evening, so touch base with your loved ones early.


Scorpio You will want to test out the pleasure principle and see just how much pleasure they can take at one time.


Sagittarius The energy of today will have you feeling as though you’re walking a mile with a pebble in your shoe. Spiritual pursuits might make you guilty about material desires.


Capricorn Whatever is on your agenda today, you should make time to please yourself. Even if your most creative act is shopping at the mall, you should indulge in your favourite pastime. Li


Aquarius Although the atmosphere is fraught with misunderstanding, the underlying trend is not so bad, at least for you.


Pisces Stars sets a pleasant mood for the day. Romance is not out of the question, as your personal appeal is quite powerful, although it may seem you are too busy for such diversions.

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