Horoscope of 25th January

Horoscope prediction of 25th January


Aries Today finds you feeling ambitious and determined. No matter if you’re feeling jaded on the morning after the night before, you’re still keen to make this a year to remember.


Taurus Try and make most of life today. Stars predict workload starting to pile up soon.


Gemini Take it easy, If you’re feeling tetchy and overwrought, you’re liable to let things get under your skin in no time at all.


Cancer You can be in favour of the Powers that be but keep your wits about you. Try to understand the feeling of the authority figures in your life.


Leo Today may make you rather uncompromising when dealing with others, so try to be tactful. You don’t want to upset anyone… Or do you?


Virgo Communications may suddenly go awry, but you should be able to get quite a lot accomplished today. A difference of opinion or an inappropriate sexual attraction may be contributing to tension in your social circle.


Libra You’re the centre of attention, but someone is playing their cards close to the chest. Is this a secret admirer? today could see this attraction sizzle behind the scenes. Nevertheless, this is the perfect day to show your natural authority and to make things happen.


Scorpio Differences among friends and associates, especially relating to romance and creative projects, are likely to be voiced now.


Sagittarius Your charm and creativity are reaching the peak, so make the most of it! This is a good time to ask for what you want, including a raise.


Capricorn It’s time to retreat into your own personal spiritual sanctuary. Avoid unpleasant people and crowded places for the next two days if you can.


Aquarius You should have plenty of social opportunities However, the chance of deception or confusion among friends during the next two days is high, so try to keep things light and impersonal


Pisces Your energy is high but your personal influence and control in alliances and with other people, in general, come under the microscope.

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