Horoscope of 28th January 2018

Horoscope of 28th January 2018


Aries Unexpected developments and concealed opposition will be likely to see a power struggle developing with colleagues or employees.


Taurus Today is a day of true love and creative self-expression. If you’re single, the love of your life is about to enter the picture.


Gemini Concentrate on the bigger picture and aim for those positive longer-term outcomes.


Cancer Today, your closest relationships come under scrutiny. Be sure to listen carefully to what your mate or partner is saying, and perhaps even more carefully to what he or she is not saying.


Leo Your public life may be at odds with your private concerns today, so keep your worries under wraps. It seems people want to know all about you and will broadcast any information given to them.


Virgo Today it feels as though life is all work and no play. Sadly, the planets insist you put business before pleasure today.


Libra You will be inclined to look into the occult, interpretation of dreams, the subconscious mind, and psychic energy.


Scorpio Today could be very hectic and busy, so take a few deep breaths and pace yourself; by this evening, you should be feeling rather better.


Sagittarius Today why don’t you get together with your workmates and chew the fat? Some brilliant ideas might just come forward.


Capricorn You are bristling with brilliant ideas but may have trouble with their implementation. Don’t be put off by delays.


Aquarius It’s time to break away from the burdens of the past. You may need to help a family member with a work or health-related difficulty. A friend or partner could ask for advice on a confidential matter.


Pisces If you’re considering working from home, remember that work is work, no matter where you do it. Use your intuitive abilities, increase your spiritual awareness, investigate dreams and the occult – and carry out as much of your physical work as possible behind the scenes.

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