Hotel chain serves ‘cockroach’ in delicacy; case of unhygiene filed

A filmmaker ordered a delicacy at a hotel in Chennai for his daughter but was disgusted when he spotted cockroach in the garnish. The filmmaker then chose to dial food safety authorities to file complaint and promptly shared the pictures and a video on social media platform WhatsApp. The prompt inspection of food safety officials revealed much more as  baby cockroaches were discovered behind the stainless steel layered wall in the kitchen. A case of unhygienic manufacturing practices has been filed with the police.  Food safety officer R Kathiravan said: “The restaurant staff has accepted that the cockroach was present in the food. We’ve given them strict instructions on things to be put in place. Within a week we will present our charges to the Divisional Revenue Officer for action.”

The hotel is a part of a chain of over 100 restaurants run by the Adyar Ananda Bhavan group, which has denied allegations of unhygienic kitchen conditions. “The picture of the cockroach the customer has sent is fake, I believe. We have carried out whatever instructions the food safety officials have given us. We threw open our food production centre for them to inspect,” said Vishnu Shankar, Managing Director of the group.

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