How Can E-pass to donate blood during the lockdown

With the spread of COVID-19 infections, the country has come to a standstill. People are forced to stay indoors and are asked to follow social distancing and self-isolation. There are also nurses, doctors, and medical officials who are performing their duties to the fullest and are battling against Coronavirus every single day.

As responsible citizens of the country, we have our duties towards both, the medical officials and the patients. We should honour the battle that these professionals have fought until now by staying in and not leaving houses until necessary. With more than 23,000 people affected by Coronavirus in India, disobeying the lockdown rules will only worsen the situation and increase the spread of the virus.

However, there are some essential activities, following which a citizen is been allowed to leave their home even in the lockdown. E-passes are being issued by the government for people engaged in health, transport, media, banking, manufacturing, and storage. But some citizens are being given these passes in case of any medical emergency. One such case is that of blood donation.

Unlike earlier, institutions like the Red Cross Society and others are unable to organise blood donation camps to procure fresh blood for patients due to the lockdown. There are not a lot of people volunteering to donate blood as they fear getting infected by COVID-19 at hospitals or clinics.

As a result, blood banks have dried up, threatening the lives of haemophilia and thalassemia patients and other blood disorder patients. In times like these, it, therefore, becomes necessary to call for voluntary donors. The government has introduced e-pass for people who wish to donate blood. The service has been started on the government’s official E-Raktkosh website. Anyone healthy person can volunteer to donate blood even during the lockdown provided they have the pass to do.

Here are simple and easy steps for those who wish to obtain an e-pass for blood donation during the lockdown

Visit the official E-Raktkosh website on your mobile phones or Pcs
On the bottom right corner, there is an option of “Donate Now”
After this, another screen opens wherein you are expected to fill in donor details like name, gender, blood group, contact number, date, etc.
Then click on the Save button. This way your application is submitted. The e-pass is confirmed via SMS.

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