How police nabbed this human trafficking accused

In a case of human trafficking, police in Dhamtari of Chhattisgarh made a breakthrough when they nabbed one of the accused from Kasganj in Uttar Pradesh.

The Magarod police have nabbed prime accused Udham Singh Yadav.

As per police sources police went on to lay an elaborate trap to apprehend the accused and were successful in getting him to come to Raipur.

The Dhamtari police officials informed that they had recovered a minor girl from Mohandi village of Magarlod in Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj.

It later emerged that a woman of the same village had actually lured her to go to Kasganj but then she sold her off to this accused named Udham Singh, said police sources.

Police found out that the minor was married off to this accused and the woman also settled down there itself.

Since the missing complaint had been lodged here in Dhamtari, police began searches and were able to recover the minor and the accused woman as well.

While the minor was handed over to the parents, police have now maanged to lay their hands on the accused Udham Singh.

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