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Relationship includes all those individuals who are connected to each other in one way or the another.For example-mother and child,husband and wife,teacher and student,etc

A strong relation not only need two individuals but more than that.It also includes compromise,trust,care,respect,etc.
“a relationship is never perfect it’s just that 2 people never give up.”
Never dream for a perfect relation just make sure you do the best for others and expect nothing in return.

Before jumping into the solutions lets first understand why there come problems in relationships-
first of all its about trust,then the major problem be that you people do not spend time together or are always busy with your own work,the reason may also be misunderstandings,lack of communication or being biased to someone,not only this it might be possible that you ignore the other party,are you being polite to them? are you ever trying to understand what other is trying to say from their perspective? and the list is endless….it goes on and on…every relation can not face the same problem it differs from one relation to another so, i would request you to first find the problem,atleast you can try na! figuring out the correct problem cures your 50% of the problem as now you know where to work on? which area to focus? what to do? what not to do,etc.

Now lets see some of the common solutions which you need to do in your daily life-for all those who are suffering we can assure that this will atleast reduce your problems and for all those who want to continue their healthy relations follow them so that you do not face any problem in future.

from ME to WE
from ME to WE

Be assertive- here assertive is the combination of passive(other’s desire) and aggressive(your desires).
Identify the needs of relation.
Manage your boundaries.
Avoid gossiping.
Be positive.
Appreciate others.
Take out time to manage your relations.
Do dinner together.
Spend time with family.
Share personal space.
Try to recall the happy memories.

Work in teams.
Consult a neutral party.
Talk about the problem as much as you can.
Try to adjust and make others happy.
Share value believes and goals.
Have dependability,trustworthiness,respect,honesty,and loyalty.
Leave the past in past.
Show cooperation.
Take the initiative.
Say sorry and mean it.
Make sure what the other person feels.

Last but not the least i will say if you love them,take care of them and don’t try to be perfect one just be the right one.
Just keep this on mind that try every possible outcome you can do to make everything right but never sacrifice your self respect for all this.
Hope all this help you out and make your relationship stronger.
Wish you all luck and happy future.


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