How To Dry Your Clothes Faster On Rainy Days

Everybody likes a good monsoon. But with monsoon comes certain woes, one of which is drying clothes. The simple act of drying clothes becomes a mammoth task during this time of the year. It may not be that big an issue for people using washing machines that dry clothes completely, but it is a hassle for those who use a semi or do not have a machine.

Here is a hack that you can put to use. Place your wet clothing on a dry towel. Keep the garment inside the towel and roll it well. Once you have done that, twist it tightly. You should twist it as tightly as possible. This will squeeze out excess water with ease.

After this, when you hang your clothes to dry, it will take half as much time as it normally does. With electricity being an issue in many cities, most of you will be having machines that semi dry as 100 per cent dry machines take up lot of energy. And during monsoon, it becomes a bit of a hassle to dry clothes, especially heavy clothes that take more time to dry. So, this is the best hack for you. If you squeeze the water directly, it will spoil the clothes. When you keep them inside a towel and squeeze, it will stay intact. And, the towel will absorb excess water.

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