How to prepare for NIELIT Scientist B 2021 Exam?

The online application process for the post of NIELIT Scientist B exam has been re-started by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT).

The online application process for the post of NIELIT Scientist B exam has been re-started by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT). The last date to fill the online application for the same is the9th of July. The selection procedure includes a written exam followed by an interview. This article will include section-wise preparation tips for the NIELIT Scientist B 2021 exam.

NIELIT Exam 2021 Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The NIELIT exam 2021 is based on multiple-choice questions. There will be 120 questions carrying one mark each, each of the wrong answers leading to a negative marking of 0.25 marks.The syllabus of the NIELIT Exam 2021 is divided into two parts, the technical area, and the generic (non-technical) area.
The detailed syllabus of the exam is discussed below:

Topics Number of Questions Marks
Section A: Generic (Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning Capabilities, Quantitative and Qualitative abilities, General Aptitude.) 78 78
Section B: Technical Area(Computer Related topics) 42 42

NIELIT Scientist B Preparation Tips

The candidates must prepare both the sections of the exams thoroughly and not ignore the generic section as it carries 35% weightage of the exam. They need to analyze their prior knowledge of the subjects and plan their preparation accordingly. The section-wise NIELIT preparation tips are discussed below.

NIELIT Scientist B Preparation Tips- Paper 1 Generic

  • Topics:Quantitative and Qualitative abilities, Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning Capabilities, General Aptitude
  • The logical reasoning part of the generic section aims to test the problem-solving ability of the candidates.In this topic, questions are generally asked from the topics of alphanumeric series, blood relations, puzzles, seating arrangement, etc.
  • The candidates need to analyze the pattern given in the question and use the analysis to answer the given question. For questions in which the analysis of patterns is difficult due to twisted language, the candidates can make a small diagram or graphs to simplify the question and then try to analyze the pattern.
  • These questions are generally time-taking, so the candidates need to practice these questions a lot to gain speed and efficiency in solving them.The candidates can refer to Objective Logical Reasoning by S. Chand for a clear understanding of this section and for practicing the questions related to the topic.
  • The analytical reasoning capabilities are one of the easiest and highest-scoring topics. The candidates need to be well-versed with the important formulae and rules for solving the different topics. Analytical Reasoning by M K Pandeyis a good book for a better understanding and practice of this topic.
  • For the topic of quantitative abilities, the candidates need to learn the formulae from their NCERT Mathematics books of Class 6-10. These will help a lot in getting a clear concept of the topics. They can further refer to Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S. Aggarwal for regular practice of questions related to this topic.
  • For qualitative abilities, the candidates need to analyze the pattern given in the question and use mathematical formulae to solve for the missing part.
  • The general aptitude topic is quite lengthy and covers diverse topics. The candidates should try to cover maximum parts of this section as these questions take the least time while solving them.

NIELIT Scientist B Preparation Tips- Paper 2 Technical Area

  • Topics:Probability, Statistics and Combinatorics, Digital Logic, Computer Organization and Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Analog and Digital Communication, Programming and Data Structures, Algorithms, Compiler Design, Operating System, Databases, Information Systems and Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Web Technologies, Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies, Cloud Technology, etc.
  • This section carries 65% marks of the exam and hence, the candidates need to focus more on this section for their NIELIT preparation and try to complete the whole syllabus.
  • Since this section is related to the subjects the candidates have studied in their graduation and post-graduation courses, it is better for them to first clear their basic concepts from the books and notes that they used during their graduation and post-graduation.
  • The books that they can refer to apart from their study materials are Computer Awareness Objective & Subjective by S. R. Behera andAnalog and Digital Communication by Neha Jain for an overall analysis of the topics, and Multiple Choice Questions for GATE / PSUs by Made Easy publications for practicing questions.
  • Themathematics portion includes various topics ofProbability and Statistics. The candidates need to focus on Bayes’ Theorem, Poisson distribution, and the concepts of mean, median, and mode. These topics need a thorough understanding of the underlying theories and concepts and regular practice.
  • For questions related to the Algorithm, programming, and data structure, the candidates need to be well-versed with the basic concepts of coding so that it becomes easy for them to answer any type of questions related to the topics. Some candidates tend to just solve more questions on this topic, but this would not help much in being able to answer different types of questions. Hence, they need to focus on both a detailed knowledge of programming and a lot of practice for the same.
  • For the questions related to compiler designs, the candidates can watch YouTube videos for the topic which will provide all the details related to the topic. They can also refer to Compiler Design by O.G. Kakde.
  • For the theoretical portion related to the computer section, the candidates need to understand and learn the concepts topic-wise. They must not take more than two theory portions at once as it will cause confusion and they won’t be able to grasp the topics.
  • For NIELIT preparation, the candidates can follow the study materials related to GATE CS exam. Using the relevant study material, they should make easy notes for the theoretical subjects, and write all the formulae and tricks for the practical subjects to revise the topics thoroughly during the exams.
  • The candidates must analyze the past year’s questions to understand the topics which need to be prioritized for the exam. They should also solve past year question papers and mock test papers for regular revision. For NIELIT preparation, the candidates need to revise and solve the questions a lot of times to get a good score in the NIELIT exam 2021.

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