How to score ‘like’ while avoiding ‘unlike’ being on social media; may be this will help

How to score ‘like’ while avoiding ‘unlike’ being on social media; may be this will help

Even as social media is mostly about ‘likes’ to the posts of yours, there are sometimes posts that either don’t generate that much reaction or they may ‘dislike’ you.

So if you are a social media creature that it makes sense to know or at least have rough idea about might get you ‘dislike’.Read on before you make a post on Facebook or Instagram.

Well don’t make it all about yourself. So much so that people begin thinking that you are one self-centered person.

Posting too many photos might alienate people, according to one study that looked at 508 Facebook users. Posting too many family photos may alienate friends and posting too many photos of friends may alienate family. So, keep some photos to yourself.

Now even as most people do this in job interviews, saying things like “I work too hard” or “I care too much”. A Harvard study shows that will hurt your odds of getting hired. Instead, state a real weakness that isn’t a deal breaker.

Researchers showed students two different videos of an actor’s face. The actor would either show emotion or remain emotionless, while they watched funny or sad scenes from a movie. Students rated the emotive actor much higher in likeability.

A study took 100 students and showed them photos of people posing. Researchers found no matter how the person in the photo posed, people liked them most if they were smiling.

A different study found that smiling made you more memorable, after meeting someone for the first time.

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