How to tell if you are in love this time and not on another lust expedition ??Heres how

Well now infatuation is pretty common and any falling for any pretty face or charms working on you is just that, Pure Lust. But as everything else has its place, Love too needs to be in life besides lust that is. Now how does one figure for sure if what you are feeling is love and not lust. I mean it could easily get confusing. So here are some indications that might help you figure  out if you are seriously in love and this is not another of lust conquests.


Small things like holding hands, or just cuddling with each other when there’s no sex on the cards (for whatever reason) goes to show more affection than you can imagine. Feeling each other’s touch and just having the other person around makes you happy, even when it’s outside the bedroom.


There may be things in both your pasts that made or make the other uncomfortable, but you’re both willing to let go and move forward together. What happened in the past doesn’t stop you from planning a future and enjoying the present together.


No cellphone reception, no internet, not even another human being for company? No problem. You’ve got each other and you’ll find a way to make the time you have together memorable. You’re not scared of being stuck together, just the two of you. In fact, you look forward to spending quality time with just each other.


You never have to think before doing things for one another. Whether you ask your partner for something or your partner asks you – you don’t really think of it as doing each other a “favour”. Neither of you are keeping a scorecard of how much effort one puts in versus the other. Doing things that can help the other or make their life simpler in any way just makes you happy.


Using these words can seriously freak a lot of people out. But no, not you guys. You see yourselves together. So planning things that require you to be an “us” or “we” are not scary for you. Whether it’s meeting each other’s parents or just going out with friends, you’re happy to do it as one team. Still individuals, but in everything together.

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