How you can take care of your skin, hair in monsoon

New Delhi [India] : After the long and torturous summer spell, the monsoon is finally here and as much as we love to welcome rain, it isn’t the best thing for your make-up and hair. The heat, humidity and rain all together would just not help to keep the make-up meltdowns at bay.

Bollywood make-up artist Shaan Muttathil suggests choosing the right products and then applying them correctly.

“The golden rule for make up in the rainy season is to put on a very light base with a lot of waterproof mascara, the key is to highlight the eyes. The look can be completed by applying a tint of a lip balm during the day time and for the night a nice dark lip color would do wonders. But one thing should be kept in mind that only cream blush should be used as the powder blush is a complete no for this season”, Shaan said.

During the rains, both the skin and hair suffer due to high humidity. So, adjust your skin and hair care routine according to the season.

Shaan also shared the secret of voluminous hair and said, “The secret to healthy and shiny hair in monsoon is to condition them properly. Hair in this particular season requires a lot of care so one needs to nourish them with a good amount of conditioning”.

So, this rainy season, wave away your monsoon make-up and hair worries as these new formulas and clever application techniques will definitely help you get through the season.

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