Hubby tied up wife, beat her on camera; to send it to her family !!

woman has been identified as Ruchi Shukla

Despite stringent laws against atrocities on women, there seems to be no respite from the menace.

In yet case that shocks the civil society, a man is accused to tying the wife and beating her incessantly.

This, as per allegations, is then caught on camera to be sent to the woman’s family so that they are forced to pay up dowry.

The woman has been identified as Ruchi Shukla.

After getting rescued, she said that her family will not be able to give dowry being asked for.

It is for this reason that her husband not only thrashed her with belt but also tied her with rope and compelled her to stand for hours.

The woman alleges that he also used to administer her drug.

Ruchi Shukla also pointed out that just because she is not educated, that is the reason her husband is threatening her to leave her or to marry someone else again.

Reportedly, the couple seems to have a child.

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