Illegal excavation of sand goes on unabated

Baikunthpur: Despite ban on all sorts of illegal excavation of sand from sand mines of Korea district, it is still continuing unabated. At one place where the Mineral officers are waiting for some written complaint, on the other, there is no check on illegal excavation of sand from all main rivers of VS area Sonhat and Bharat Janpad area and the department has been utter failure in stopping it. There are reports that the sand excavated from this region is illegally being supplied to neighbouring states of MP and UP and it is being sold at high prices.

On the other hand, many people associated with this illegal trade, have stored huge quantity of sand by carrying out illegal excavation of sand from the Rivers which are lifelines of this region, despite the fact that there is ban on excavation of sand during rainy season. On the other hand, in order to divert attention of people from this issue, there are reports that there will be tender for sand mines and fresh working will start.


But none of the public representatives are able to say a word on what actually is happening. At the same time the officers are trying to wash-off their hands by saying that once tender is issued they will impose ban on it. The socalled responsible officers of the region have stopped interfering on this issue. It is notable here that the very illegal excavation and transportation of sand, which is going on from sand mines of main rivers of Sonhat and Bharatpur Janpad area, many a movement and ‘Jal Satyagrah’ have been staged.

Despite this there is no check on such illegal activities. There are reports that the illegal sand being excavated from Bharatpur and Sonhat VS area is being used less in the district, but more in MP and UP. Since this area is neighbouring to MP and UP, therefore all illegally excavated sand from the region is being transported to UP and MP and this is causing huge royalty loss to state government exchequer.

Though the illegal excavation work of sand to some extend had stopped during last VS polls, but with formation of new government and lackadaisical an attitude on part of officers, the same is going on unabated. With clear-cut instructions to impose ban on excavation of sand during rainy season, the orders are just like rules are meant to be violated and illegal excavation is going on unabated. Here neither the local public representatives are taking any interest, nor the officer from Mineral or local administration are showing any interest to stop the same and it is for this reason that all is going on illegally and causing huge damage to ecological balance.

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