Illegal liquor and narcotics seized, heres what Madhya Pradesh CEO directed

Chief Electoral Officer Shri V.L. Kanta Rao has Informed that One lakh 71 thousand 797 liter illegal liquor estimated at Rs. 5 crore 15 lakh 39 thousand 100 has been confiscated during the action taken by the Police Department between the period January 01 till date.

In an action taken by the excise Department, one lakh 04 thousand 160 liter illegal liquor costing Rs. 3 crore 12 lakh 48 thousand and 12 lakh 78 thousand 73 k.g. lahan worth estimated at Rs. 3 crore 67 lakh 65 thousand 300 have been confiscated.

Moreover, the State Narcotics Department has confiscated 213 k.g illegal heroin costing estimated Rs. 23 lakh 24 thousand 500 and the Central Narcotics has seized 129.510 k,g. illegal opium costing Rs. One crore 29 lakh in Neemuch.

In this way, illegal liquor and narcotics costing total Rs. 13 crore 47 lakh 76 thousand 900 have been confiscated.

During the checking of flights at Bhopal Airport, the Raipur Airport has been informed by the Income Tax Department to conduct an enquiry into possession of Rs. 10 lakh 50 thousand by one of the passenger.

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