Ritu Chetiyar

Social Media has become a prominent part of an adolescent’s life to an extent where even researchers are intrigued to learn more about the social media and their effects on the community.

This Fanaticism of taking over the world through social media whether it is in a positive or negative way has gotten so much out of reach that it’s hard to figure out how to end it.

Researchers do have bought some things into light that are affecting the adolescents in their life like morals, behavior and education. We tend to ignore without thinking about the outcome in future.

As we know that every little thing in this world is like a coin which has two sides to it, so does social media as much as it has a positive impact on an adolescent it also comes with a negative impact.

The idea of using social media as part of education has made it easy to access to resources and study materials for a better understanding of certain topics, it has also made these students to be update to current events happening globally as well as nationally.

But at the same time it has increased the idea of cheating for school assignments and affects a student’s grades. It also has a Negative effect on college admission: 35% of admissions officers scan prospective students' social media and report discovering information that affects their admissions decision.

Adolescents are often too open and public with personal information when online. They find it to be cool and a way of showing that they are not afraid of anything. Most of them don't even read privacy policies and may be unaware that their information may be used by third parties, like
advertisers, insurance companies, and the IRS.

This leads them to become a victim of sexual predators and security attacks. One of the biggest crimes that are attached to social media is cyber bullying. This is referred to as the use of electronic communication to bully someone, usually by sending intimidating or threatening messages. This is one of the major causes of emotional trauma, and sometimes even leads to suicide.

One of the major impacts of social media which is often least talked about is its impact on the mental health of an adolescent. Social media is an open platform sometimes adolescents are exposed to some gruesome contents which causes them to feel anxious and the fear of thinking that nowhere is safe affects their mental stability, At the same time extensive online engagement is correlated with personality and brain disorders like poor social skills, ADHD, narcissistic tendencies, a need for instant gratification, and addictive behaviors and other emotional distress like depression, anxiety, loneliness, low self-esteem, and eating disorders and more prone to feeling isolated and disconnected (especially youth with disabilities).

If this continues there will be a time when these adolescents will forget about Self-Reflection especially empathy which will increase sociopathic behavior.

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