Important Things One Should Buy On Dhanteras

On Diwali festivities it's believed that Goddess Lakshmi comes home on these days, which will start with Dhanteras .

On Diwali festivities it’s believed that Goddess Lakshmi comes home on these days, which will start with Dhanteras means today, Narak Chaudas on November 6, Diwali on November 7, Govardhan Puja on November 8, and Bhai Dooj on November 9.

In this 5-day long festivity, devotees gear up for her the reception of the Goddess of wealth.

According to ancient traditions, the frivolous celebrations begin days before the actual festival that sees the cleaning of the entire house, whitewash or paint, and decorations with lights, diyas, and religious rituals are performed on the final day.

The first day i.e. Dhanteras is considered an auspicious occasion to buy new things, needed to appease Goddess Laxmi. While some traditions explain that buying Gold and Silver is considered favorable, there are certain traditions, which got overshadowed.

If you have already planned on what you want to buy on this day, then you might want to read this article and also buy one of these 3 things mentioned here, because as per ancient traditions, these things too appease Goddess Lakshmi and bring you her blessings.

#1. Surely buy gold or silver, if you wish.

But, those who cannot, they can buy a little spoon and worship Goddess Lakshmi with it. But, remember to keep this spoon in your safe and offer regular ‘aarti’ on daily basis; this will increase your wealth.

#2. What many people don’t know is that there has been a tradition of buying ‘Dhaniya’ (Coriander) seeds on the auspicious day of Dhanteras. It is considered a symbol of wealth. At the time of Lakshmi Puja, offer these seeds to her and after worshiping, sow some of these seeds in an earthen pot or in your back garden. And, keep the rest in your safe or vault (Tijori) along with some cowries and Gomti chakras.

#3. On this day, it is considered auspicious to gift a married woman a set of ‘solah sringar’ or a red saree with sindoor. This would appease Goddess Laxmi. And, if there’s no married woman, one can also gift these things to an unmarried girl and seek her blessings.

#4. It is absolutely fine if you’re not able to buy anything new on this day. But, do not commit the mistake of buying anything made up of aluminum or glass on Dhanteras; it is not considered auspicious, as these are related with Rahu and bringing them home, would mean their presence in your home ahead of Goddess Laxmi.

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