In Bengaluru Traffic cops collected Rs 84.28 crore in fines this year

Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) in 2017 has exceeded the total penalty collected in 2016. They are inching towards the Rs 100 crore mark for the very first time. As of September, the total fine collected was Rs 84.28 crore, which is more than the Rs 67.07 crore collected in 2016 and the Rs 70.44 crore collected in 2015.

Estimates show that BTP will generate around Rs 113 crore this year, and they have attributed the spurt in revenue to the revision of fine amount for traffic offences in September 2016.

Out of theRs 84.28 crore collected till September 30, about 80 per cent of the fines — Rs 67.07 crore — were collected from offences under the Motor Vehicles Act. This involves violations such as wrong parking, reckless driving, riding without helment, drunk driving, skipping signals and some others.

The remaining amount was collected in towing charges (Rs 15.87 crore), cases filed under Karnataka Police Act and some other cases.

Towing charges, which contributed to almost 19 per cent of the fines collected this year, has seen an unprecedented increase. After collecting Rs 3.06 crore in 2016, BTP has now collected five times the amount by September this year — Rs 15.78 crore.

The amount is also close to the total towing charges collected in ten years between 2007 to 2016, which was about Rs 20.11 crore. By the end of the year, total towing charges to be collected are estimated at Rs 21 crore.


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