In India Consumption of fuel falls 18%,Due to lockdown

The Biggest Decline in more than a Decade

Fuel consumption of India in March falls by 18%,As a nationwide lockdown halted economic activity and travel business also.

India’s petroleum product consumption fell 17.79% to 16.08 million tonnes in March as diesel,petrol and aviation turbine fuel demand fell,the biggest decline in more than a decade. According to reports.

The most consumed fuel in the country is Diesel,saw demand contract by 24.23% to 5.65 million tonnes.This is the biggest fall in diesel consumption the country has recorded as most trucks went off-road and railways stopped plying trains.

Sales of Petrol dropped 16.37% to 2.15 million tonnes as the 21-day nationwide lockdown enforced to prevent the spread of COVID-19 took most cars and two-wheelers off the road.

However,the country’s consumption of cooking gas rose 1.7% in March from a year earlier to about 2.3 million tonnes.

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