In Kerala, PM Modi slams govt’s handling of Sabarimala temple issue

In Kerala, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Kerala’s Left-led government and the opposition Congress over the handling of the Sabarimala temple issue.

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This comes as the Supreme Court verdict ended the shrine’s traditional ban on women of reproductive age.

Kerala government had come under massive criticism from saffron parties on the way the court order was being implemented.

In Kollam today for the launch of two projects, PM Modi said: “The CPM government’s conduct on Sabarimala will go down in history as the most shameful action of any government in power… We know CPM government never respected spirituality, religion… but no one thought it would turn so

Accusing the Congress of having multiple stands, he challenged the UDF to “clearly state your stand”.

While the state BJP had openly backed the traditional ban and the strikes to protest against the court order, the Congress had not been vocal about its support.

But the CPM also hit back with a tweet:

Shameful that Modi attacked the LDF Govt for implementing Supreme Court’s order on #Sabarimala while inaugurating a project in Kollam in Kerala.

Modi should read the Indian constitution which he is sworn to uphold rather than Manusmriti or RSS oath!

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