In Sri Lanka Muslims are facing discrimination, harassment, violence

Report says Anti-Muslim Harassment, Discrimination and Violence in Sri Lanka

Human rights group, Amnesty International, has said in a report that Muslim minorities in Sri Lanka have been witnessing consistent discrimination, harassment and violence.

The report Anti-Muslim Harassment, Discrimination and Violence in Sri Lanka follows the emergence of sentiment against Muslims in Sri Lanka. The Uk based human rights agency published the report.

Anti-Muslim sentiment in Sri Lanka is nothing new, the situation has regressed sharply. Incidents of violence against Muslims, committed. This has been accompanied by the adoption by the current government of rhetoric and policies that have been openly hostile to Muslims.” said Kyle Ward, the deputy secretary-general at Amnesty International.

At this point, the anti-halal campaign might be recalled when the Sinhala Buddhist nationalist groups famously pressured to end the halal certification on food items. In 2013, Islamic clerics in Sri Lanka had declared the withdrawal of ‘halal’ certification after months of protests by Buddhist groups.

The report by Amnesty International underlines that the campaign led to several attacks on mosques and Muslim businesses. anti-Muslim riots in the southern coastal town of Aluthgama started after a Sinhala Buddhist nationalist group took out a rally in the town, said the NGO.

The Amnesty report further blamed the current government, led by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, for making the Muslim population a “target and scapegoat” in order to take away people’s attention from political and economic issues.


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