In the name of sanitation, the pillar of toilet in Sitapur

6 months after the construction of the lock in the public toilets

Sitapur : Sitapur Nagar Panchayat is proved to be failing to complete the campaign of cleanliness.

There is a complete negligence in the system of cleanliness.
On the other hand, the public toilets built in Khalgavicha of Sitapur is not yet fully prepared.

It is behind the facilities for seven months even after the construction of public toilets, but has not yet been ready for use.

In the name of sanitation, the pillar of toilet has been set up in Sitapur.

If you can be seen, women and women from Sitapur’s Khalbagicha are also going out of the toilets.

Even the complaint was made to CMO Tiwari of Sitapur but they are failing to turn the public toilets by tomorrow.

After a one-third cleanliness drive is being carried out by the Government of India, but Sitapur Nagar Panchayat is failing to make the campaign successful.

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