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India confirms five of its nationals died in Christchurch terror attack

The Indian High Commission has finally confirmed that as many as five Indians were among the 50 people gunned down at two mosques in the New Zealand terror attack.

It is obviously one of the worst attack on in New Zealand.

The New Zealand police today confirmed that the death count in the horrific shootings has risen to 50.

The primary suspect for the gruesome attack has been identified as Australia-born Brenton Tarrant.

Two days after deadly attack, the high commission confirmed that five Indians were killed in the attack.

The Indian High Commission have identified the deceased Indians as Mr. Maheboob Khokhar, Mr. Ramiz Vora, Mr. Asif Vora, Ms Ansi Alibava and Mr. Ozair Kadir.

Immigration NZ has set up a dedicated page to expedite visa for family members of Christchurch victims.

Our helpline numbers (021803899 & 021850033) will remain available round the clock to assist families as we together cope with our shared grief.

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