India says own pilot ‘Missing in Action’, MEA puts out statement

Quite late in the day, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs came out to brief the media persons on the engagement between India and Pakistan Air Forces.

The MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar confirmed that Pakistan Air Force did try to cross over and that Indian Air Force engaged it promptly.

This led to Indians shooting down a F-16 fighter plane of Pakistan, claimed Raveesh Kumar, MEA Spokesperson.

But the spokesperson also confirmed that an Indian Air Force MiG-21 Bison has been lost in the action.

Quite upsetting is also the fact that an Indian pilot is also missing in action.

This comes sharp in contrast to Pakistani claims that they do have an Indian pilot in their custody.

It remains to be seen how Government of India locates and ascertains the pilot of the Indian Air Force and recovers him back.

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