India-Pak DGMOs talk; initiated by Pakistan

India has reiterated that it has the right to retaliate appropriately to any incident causing the death of its troops, the Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) told his Pakistani counterpart today in an unscheduled phone call following two major attacks in Jammu and Kashmir in 48 hours.
According to Indian officers, Pakistan’s DGMO initiated the call, saying he was concerned that civilians were being targeted by Indian soldiers. India then stressed that it was Pakistan that had provoked Indian soldiers by firing from across the border.

India emphasized that the BSF initiated firing only on armed Pakistani terrorists attempting to cross over. “The DGMO also put across emphatically that the trend of infiltration across the Line of Control continued with the active support of Pak forward posts impacting peace and tranquility along the Line of Control and also the internal security situation,” the statement said.
India said there were continued attempts at sniping and targeting of its soldiers, which was supported by Pakistan army troops.

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