India to be Most Important Market for Royal Enfield

"In the long-term the big market for us will be emerging markets," Eicher Motors' CEO Siddhartha Lal said.

India will be the most important market for Royal Enfield, said Siddhartha Lal, managing director and CEO of Eicher Motors.

“The most important market for us is and always will be India because that’s where our home is, that’s where our base is, that’s where our understanding is, our distribution is so that’s the biggest market and after that Europe is, in numbers terms today, is the biggest market for us and they love these kind of motorcycles,” said Lal .

On the launch of new motorcycles, he said, “We saw the opportunity globally. We saw that there is a space missing for great fun, simple, old school, gorgeous but modern motorcycles and that’s what these are, middleweights.”

“Yes, this is a start of a new beginning. The development of these motorcycles is done with that in perspective. The lead development was done in UK, with India, of course, being our big center,” Lal added.

“In the long-term the big market for us will be emerging markets where you have India like situation, where you have people who are riding commuter motorcycles, smaller motorcycles, they want to rise up,” he further mentioned.

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