India to help US keep an eye on Pakistan, says Nikki Haley

In yet crucial statement reflecting the importance United States attaches to its relations with India, the US  Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley has said that India could help America keep an eye on Pakistan. This statement is being seen in context of President Donald Trump’s recent assertion of tougher approach to Islamabad harbouring terrorists.

Haley said that one of the pillars of that strategy is the development of America’s strategic partnership with India. Trump recently announced a new strategy for combating terrorism in Afghanistan and South Asia.”America’s overriding interest in Afghanistan and throughout South Asia is to eliminate terrorist safe havens that threaten us. And to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists, we will use all the elements of our national power economic diplomatic and military to pursue these goals,” she was quoted as saying by PTI. Critically we will look to our economic and security partnerships with India, she added. In her address to an event organised by US India Friendship Council, Haley said Trump has taken a “tougher approach to Pakistan harbouring terrorists.”  “Pakistan has been a partner to the US at times. We value and respect that. But, we cannot tolerate this government or any other government giving safe haven to terrorists who target Americans. This new approach will require understanding and restraint from both Pakistan and India,” she said.

The US, she said, is looking at India to help US more in Afghanistan particularly in economic and development assistance. India has already made important contributions to the stability of Afghanistan.

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