India, US to work to develop small air launch unmanned aerial vehicles

Amid trade relations under strain between India and the US, the two countries have now identified small air launch unmanned aerial vehicles and a lightweight small arms technology project along with aircraft maintenance for defence collaboration.

This was confirmed by a senior Pentagon official.

The US statement came as defence officials from the two countries held their latest round of Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) talks.

The India-US DTTI meeting focused on encouraging the US and Indian industry to work together and develop next-generation technologies.

It was said that the teams are looking at very specific deliverables on the specific dates with key individuals having responsibility.

The next meeting will be held in India in September.

Under the DTTI, the two countries have a number of joint working groups to identify areas for co-development and co-production. These are joint working group in aircraft carrier technology, land systems, naval systems, air systems, and other systems.

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