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India will develop only when Chhattisgarh develops, says President Kovind

President dedicates Rs 170 crore Medical College hospital building

President Mr. Ramnath Kovind that Chhattisgarh will develop only when Bastar develops and India will progress only when Chhattisgarh develops. Mr. Kovind appreciated the rapid development of the regions inhabited by the Adivasis and congratulated the State Government for it. He said that the model adopted by the State should be emulated by the rest of the country. He was addressing a huge gathering at village Dimrapal near headquarter town Jagdalpur after inaugurating the Late Sri Baliram Kashyap Memorial Medical College Hospital building built at a cost of Rs 170 crore. The hospital will become the centre of excellence for medical science not only in the State but also in the entire country.

Mr. Kovind also launched Sanchar Kranti Yojana (Information Revolution Project) which will facilitate the distribution of 50 lakh Smart Phones soon. The distribution of Smart phones to 45 lakh women and five lakh youth will bring a new era in the lives of citizens of the State. The tribal women and youth will benefit from the schemes of State and union Government various schemes. The installation of mobile towers in the remote regions have the capacity to reduce the distance between Bengaluru and Bastar as far as connectivity is concerned. He expressed his happiness that modern facilities are reaching the Adivasi-dominated far-flung regions also.

President distributed couple of Smart Phones to women. He was on a two-day sojourn of the Bastar region to mark the completion of one year in office. Tribal brothers and sisters have a special place in my heart.

                                                                                                               Bastar changed a lot  

 President Mr. Kovind said that he is familiar with the local surroundings. He came to Bastar about 15-16 years ago on the invitation of Mr. Baliram Kashyap. There is total transformation of the region. There are various institutes like Medical college, Engineering college and a university, smooth roads, Internet mobile connectivity and optical fiber network. There are rail and air facilities also.

                                                                             Spend some days with Tribals, Kovind urges countrymen      

President called upon the citizens of the country to spend some days in the tribal regions to understand their sufferings and ameliorate their conditions. The citizens will appreciate the delicate balance between environment and human beings. Mr. Kovind said that soul of the country resides in villages.

                                                                                Every citizen has a right over Rashtrapati Bhawan  

Mr. Kovind while addressing the mammoth gathering said that anyone can come to Rashtrapati Bhawan. The Bhawan is not only a residence and an office but a symbol of democracy and national heritage. He called upon the people to visit Rahtrapati Bhawan whenever they are in the capital.

                                                                                             I feel at home in Chhattisgarh     

President Mr. Kovind said that when he is among the tribals of Bastar he feels a sense of belonging and at home. The moment Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh invited him he accepted the proposal. There was another reason to visit as he was completing one year in office also on 25th July. He decided to spend anniversary away from New Delhi in the midst of tribal brothers and sisters. President said that he saw for himself the selfless services of the Ramakrsihna Mission in remote tribals’ dominated Narayanpur and Abhjhmar. I toured Surguja when I was Governor of Bihar also in May 2017. After I became President he visited Chhattisgarh in November last year. He said that several social welfare schemes had been launched for the rural inhabitants and small town citizens. Efforts are being made to provide roof over their heads, toilets and electricity and clean drinking water. New schools are being opened in all the villages. I.I.Ts and A.I.I.M.S are being opened in several places. Skills’ training is being imparted to youth. Loans are being provided to youth without any guarantee. Mr. Kovind said that around a thousand youth are providing services in the BPOs of Bastar. They had been trained in the Education City of Dantewada. This is a big change.

                                                                                                  End of Naxalism in region          

President Mr. Ramnath Kovind said that there is no place for violence in our culture, traditions and Constitution. He expressed his happiness that conscientious citizens of the State had convinced the youth entrapped in Left-Wing Extremism (LWE) to come out and start a fresh life. The end  of Naxalism is near and close. Most of the misguided youth had joined the mainstream of society and leading normal lives. He lauded the State and Union Governments for this momentous change.

                                                                                      President remembers Late Kunwar Bai        

President said that large number  of citizens are participating in the various development programmes of State and Union Governments and bringing a radical change in the lives of tribals and deprived sections of the backward society. He mentioned the names of Ambassador of Swachhta (Late) Mrs. Kunwar Bai resident of Dhamtari and role model in computer literacy Mrs. Govindi Bai resident of Dhamtari. Mr. Kovind also praised student Miss. Indu Manikpuri of Astha Vidya Mandir Dantewada Education City for bagging Abdul Kalam Ignite Award and woman athlete (Runner) of Assam’s Nawagaon district Miss. Hima Das for winning the Gold Medal at the 400 meter Gobal Meet. He praised the jawans of the Indian Army for defending the frontiers in hostile weather conditions. He also mentioned his sojourn to Siachen Glacier.

                                                                                   Chhattisgarh entering New Era: Dr. Raman Singh

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh welcomed the President on behalf of the citizens of the State. The dedication of Medical College Hospital building and inauguration of Sanchar Kranti Yojana (Information Revolution Project) and two-day tour of First Citizen to Bastar region is a proud moment for the citizens of state. With the inauguration of huge hospital building the dream of citizens of Bastar is being fulfilled.  Chhattisgarh is entering new era of Sanchar Kranti Yojana. Dr. Raman Singh while remembering legendary tribal leader Mr. Baliram Kashyap said that his dream was fulfilled with the inauguration of ultra-modern Medical College Hostel building at the hands of President Mr. Ramnath Kovind. Dr. Raman Singh said that Mr. Kovind had come to Bastar to give his blessings to the citizens. He could have celebrated his first anniversary in a lavish function at Rashtrapati Bhawan. This displays his sensitivities towards the tribals of the far-flung region. President witnessed the transformation of Bastar from close quarters. Dr. Raman Singh also remembered the architect of creation of new Chhattisgarh State former Prime Minister Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee.

                                                                 School is not closed when college opens: Chief Minister           

Chief Minister dispelled the doubts regarding the old Maharani Hospital. He said that when a college opens school is not closed. Patients will get ultra-modern facilities at the new hospital building. He called upon the medical fraternity to give dedicated  treatment to Bastar patients. The doctors and other employees are a ray of hope for the 40 lakh residents of Bastar region. While referring to the ‘Ayushman Bharat Yojana’ of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi , Chief Minister said that it is a Health Insurance Project that will serve the crores of patients. Sanchar Kranti Yojana will herald a New Era of development in Chhattisgarh. It will set an example for the entire nation and the world also. Fifty lakh citizens will get Smart Phones. Around 45 lakh women and five lakh youth will be given Smart phones. New multiple opportunities have opened up in Chhattisgarh. President ate lunch with children of Vanvaasi kalyan Ashram in ‘dona-pattal’.  Mr. Kovind spent couple of hours with the students of Jawanga-based Education City. He also gifted Computer lab and a  Laptop to the differently-able students of Shaksham. Livelihood Colleges are opened in all the 27 districts of the State. Four lakh youth had been imparted skills development training in multiple trades. Two -and-half lakh youth are employed and self-employed. Health Minister Mr. Ajay Chandrakar welcomed the gathering. First Lady Mrs. Savita Kovind, Public Works Minister Mr. Rajesh Munat, Traibals’ Development Minister Mr. Kedar Kashyap, Forest Minister Mr. Mahesh Gaagda, MP Mr. Dinesh Kashyap, MLA Mr. Santosh Bafna and several prominent citizens were also present.

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