Pace of development is not only seen by the technical developments but also by the mental status of the citizens of that country.

When talking about our country India the first things which comes to our mind is culture,harmony,love and peace.But is it so? Give a second thought!NO na!!Why so? are we living in 21st century? the answer is yes,sadly our mental state is still so backward.

According to us the development of people and their thinking is much more important than any technical development,you know why is it so? because if people will be of open mind they will grasp each and everything easily. What do you think? In our country everyone wants to live freely and with harmony but the problem comes when we give more importance to ourselves our family our religion and so on…then where comes the nation? Being so big in population,having so much of talented youth we are still focusing on our caste,religion,community and so on…if every state is for a particular community then where will an Indian LIVE?

Youth are the future of a county they can either take it to a peak or lay it to the ground! whichever the situation is we the youth are responsible for it! keep your hand over your heart and think truthfully what is our contribution to the nation? is anything above nation? we are living here,eating here ,are secured here,it is giving us our identity still can we think of something else above it? lets suppose for a second that nation is secondary so for a minute think about those freedom fighters who dint even gave a thought before dying for whom? us na? atleast think for our those forefathers who ended up their life to give us all a secured nation where we can live happily but are we happy?

What are we giving them back in return? A nation where youth are unemployed?A nation where there only exists selfishness? A nation where we dont value our wifes sisters grandparents and now a days no respect to children as well as dead bodies!

My god we are just taking our nation ahead in terms of crimes toward elders towards children towards women, the most important thing now a days for us is money.We proudly say we live in a cultured county but do that teaches us just to earn money money and money!
Do we have citizens left having humanity in them?
And due to some morons the whole male chauvinism is questioned!

Due to some people having a mental sickness of treating others as a material the whole society is questioned!
Have you ever given a thought just to recap and see where our society is going?
Did any of our god taught us to do violence and spread negativity?
so dont try to hide your mental sickness your crimes in the name of communities or by blaming others.
Who taught us this? our parents? i dont think so! its just our peer group and social media which is provoking all this just for the sake of getting attention we are moving towards the bad track.

Its a request that how easily we learn bad things from our friends na! in the same way try to communicate the good to the all.
Still we believe that people who want positivity are much more than who are trying to dilute us,those morons!
So its a request that please get above all these strippings and support the right ones.

Its time to change our thinking the same way we say our parents that they are orthodox,if in your eyes they are orthodox then first see inside you! and the sad truth is we not even support someone who wants to change us.
If you want to gain the attention then gain it by saving someone,changing your thinking,being logical and most important saving the right ones.


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