Indian antiques gets repatriated, from United States

two antiques had been on display at two American museums

In a major win for India, at least two of the antique statues worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that had been stolen from India have been repatriated back to the country.

The two antiques had been on display at two American museums.

The first statue is that of ‘Lingodhbhavamurti’, a granite sculpture depicting an iconic representation of Lord Shiva.

It is said to be dating back to Chola dynasty era and close to 12th century.

It is estimated to be valued at USD 225,000.

Sources said that the antique had been stolen from Tamil Nadu and was on display at the Birmingham Museum in Alabama.

Again the second sculpture depicts the bodhisattva of wisdom, ‘Manjusri’.

The sculptor is holding a sword and painted in gold leaf.

This antique too dates back to 12th century and had been stolen from a temple near the Bodh Gaya Temple in Bihar in the late 1980s and has a current approximate value of USD 275,000.

It was repatriated from Ackland Art Museum of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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