Indian Army warns; Chinese hackers may utilize Whatsapp to target Indian users

further said that it is time to start checking Whatsapp groups

Indian Army has warned that Chinese hackers may be using Whatsapp social media to target Indian users.

The warning was posted through the twitter handle name “ADG PI – INDIAN ARMY”.

The twitter handle posted a video that said that the Chinese were trying to penetrate into digital world using WhatsApp along with other platforms.

Here is the post.

Whatsapp is a new medium of hacking: Take a look! –– The Chinese use all kinds of platforms to penetrate e your digital world. WhatsApp groups are a new way of hacking into your system. Chinese numbers starting with +86 barge into your groups and start extracting all the data.

It further said that it is time to start checking Whatsapp groups and also carrying out regular audits.

The warning said that it is essential to scrutinize unknown numbers constantly.

The video has been tweeted four months after army personnel were told not to use mobile applications including WhatsApp, especially along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Earlier still, the Indian Army had also asked its soldiers at the Indo-China border to format their mobile phones and uninstall many applications.

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