Indian Oil To Further Strengthen Petroleum Product Supply In Chhattisgarh : Subodh Dakwale

Indian Oil will set up two airport refueling stations, one at the upcoming airport at Jagdalpur and another at existing Raipur airport.

Under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) Indian Oil Corporation Limited has so far released as many as 10.19 lakh gas connections in Chhattisgarh.

In order to ensure smooth supply of gas cylinders Indian Oil in collaboration with Chhattisgarh Government has set up 50 gas agencies in remote areas of the State. These agencies are being run by Adim Jaati Sahkari Seva Samities. There are plans to set up 48 more such agencies to cover the remotest areas of Chhattisgarh.

Indian Oil will set up two airport refueling stations, one at the upcoming airport at Jagdalpur and another at existing Raipur airport.

Indian Oil has recently commissioned two state of the art terminals at Korba and Raipur. Both are pipeline- fed, ensuring thereby an uninterrupted supply line to Chhattisgarh – even if there are road/rail breaches, or natural calamities such as floods.

This brings the total Tankage of 79019 KL in petrol, 1,44,278 KL in diesel, 24,015 KL in Kerosene and 15008 KL in other products in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Mr Subodh Dakwale, Executive Director (Corporate Communications and Branding), Indian Oil Corporation, Marketing Division informed this at a press conference organized here on Thursday. Mr. Santosh Kumar, Chief Divisional Retail Sales Manager, Raipur & State Level Coordinator for Oil Industry was also present on the occasion.

Mr. Dakwale said that “PMUY is most focused on Chhattisgarh. PMUY was launched in Chhattisgarh by Hon’ble Minister of Petroleum and Natural gas on 13th Aug, 2016. It started in the state with the unique concept wherein the state government agreed to contribute to the hot plate and cost of first refill of PMUY with a total contribution of Rs. 200 by the beneficiary. Thus the scheme was very successful from day one.

The total number of SECC households in Chhattisgarh is 31.9 lakhs. Since the inception of PMUY, a total of 19.47 lakh (10.19 lakh IOC) have been released in Chhattisgarh. LPG penetration levels have increased to 65.61 % over last year figure of 31.6 % for Chhattisgarh”.

He further said that “The commissioning of 50 State Government DKVs (Durgam Kshetriya Vitrak) which are CG Government nominated societies has proven to be a major path breaking initiative which is helping us reach LPG to the farthest and the remotest village in the State.

48 more DKVs are planned which will take the total number of such Vitraks to 98. In order to meet the growing LPG demand, work on a new LPG Bottling plant at Korba is under way –with an Investment of Rs 120.72 crore( likely commissioning in 3 years)

This plant which is coming up in a 30 acre land will have a bottling capacity of 60 TMTPA and will be able to fill 30,000 LPG cylinder per day. On commissioning of the project, bottling capacities in the state will be sufficient to cater to the LPG demand in the state”.

Giving a national perspective Mr Dakwale said “During the year 2017-18, IndianOil sold more than 80 million tonnes of products. Our refineries achieved a throughput of 69 million metric tonnes; and the cross-country network of pipelines registered a record throughput of 84.5 million tonnes.

The network has now grown to nearly 13,400 kms with a cumulative throughput capacity of 94.79 Million metric tonnes per annum(crude oil and product pipeline) and 9.5 MMSCMD (gas pipeline)”.

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