Indian origin Rosie invited to British Royal wedding; more about her

She is among the 1200 people to receive the royal envelope

With the whole of Britain and certain the Europe at large is looking forward to the being part in some way to the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding at Windsor Castle next month, it is prominent Indian-origin chef and social entrepreneur who has been invited.

She is among the 1200 people to receive the royal envelope.

She is Rosie Ginday, the one who was born in UK to Punjabi parents, and now gets to be part of the royal wedding on May 19.

This is said to be in recognition of the impact they make in their community.

It need be mentioned that the 34-year-old is the founder of ‘Miss Macaroon’, a business that not only produces and sells ‘macaroons’ but also uses the profits they earn towards employment training opportunities for young people.

The royals were reportedly impressed by the Birmingham-based enterprise.

Ginday now says that she is excited to receive this invitation and be acknowledged in this way.

Her company’s ‘Macaroons that Make A Difference (MacsMAD)’ 8-week training program helps in skill-building.

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