Indian Prime Minister meets chiefs of services, post Pakistani misadventure

In slight changed scenario with Pakistan having custody of one of Indian Air Force pilot, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is meeting the service chiefs at his residence in New Delhi.

It need be mentioned that India and Pakistan, both shot one plane each, as Pakistan Air Force tried crossing over.

The government has said it expected the “immediate and safe return” of the pilot in Pakistan’s custody.

To this, India issued a demarche lodging strong protest at what it called an “unprovoked act of aggression by Pakistan”.

In the worst escalation of hostilities between the countries in decades, a day after India’s air strike to target a terror camp in Balakot, fighter jets of both sides engaged in direct battle.

Pakistan later put out a video of the Indian Air Force pilot whose MiG-21 jet had crashed after shooting down a Pakistani aircraft.

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