Indian Railways passengers to get meal at just Rs 50, Details inside

IRCTC: Indian Railways is planning to come up with new and pocket-friendly catering policy soon.

According to reports, in the new catering policy, Railways is likely to provide a combo meal to its passengers at just Rs 50.

Under this combo meal offer, IRCTC agent’s offers are rajma-chawal, chawal-dal, chhole-bhatoore, roti-sabji etc

By this Railways is of planning promoting e-catering services of the IRCTC agents.

Under new IRCTC policy, passengers will be given their food bill so that the IRCTC vendor doesn’t charge them extra.

Indian Railways are planning for improvising quality of food service, for which RCTC would prefer local foods to the passengers.

For example: If train route for Mumbai to Delhi is via Vadodra, the IRCTC would have such a meal menu that will sync with Maharashtra, Gujrat taste.

In such a train, IRCTC will offer its passenger a meal menu of Marathi and Gujarati cuisine too.

To work on food quality in the running trains, the Indian Railways is planning to prefer branded foods only.

They would opt for food supplied by big brands who are conscious about their brand image.

For this, Indian Railways would tie-up with some big brands of food suppliers, who will be selected on the basis of their easy access and reach to the respective railway junctions.

The higher officials at Indian Railways, the e-catering services might be incepted in December 2019.

They also said that Indian Railways has already begun its work on e-catering services.

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